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Plant Based Foods

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The body, like any fine tuned machine, requires resources, fuel, per se and building materials. Food, is where these essential needs are extracted. Whether you “believe” in the biblical or scientific systems as to where our bodies come from, one thing is for certain, there is a synergy between our bodies and this earth. All the same vitamins and minerals that are within this body can be found in this Earth.

To one wise, this would automatically conclude that it should be a no brainer to consume from the source from which we come. If it isn’t of that source, it shouldn’t be consumed. If it is, however, then at least do not plead ignorance once dysfunction reveals its ugly head in the form of “dis-ease”! The foods you eat act as a fuel source and and provide the building blocks the body needs to recreate and sustain itself. To the contrary, if eaten the wrong things or simply not enough of the right, they do the opposite….

I do not proclaim to be a certified nutritionists, however, do understand that a well balanced diet is more of a matter of common sense and discipline. Foods that come from the Earth; fruits and veggies, and liquids from the them or simple spring water, could replace a medicine cabinet and money used on weekly doctor visits when combined with exercise and rest. For the more seasoned and disciplined person, a fast once a week aids tremendously in helping the body achieve its fitness goals!

Drink a glass of water as soon as you rise up!

In summary, your meal prep should consists of a shake, fruit, or oats in the am. A salad with a sandwich with a side of fruit during noon, and, for dinner, a meal with a healthy source of protein (preferably a veggie source vs animal based) and two or three veggie sides. Though I champion a vegan lifestyle, you can still improve your health by eating baked/grilled meats, such as chicken, turkey, and fish vs anything PIG and little to no red meat.

Then, at least preserve one week out the day for either a total fast or a fast from certain kinds of foods (meat/sugar/salt) and drink primarily water, eat lite if you choose to eat at all. Drink water every chance you get and snack on nuts, fruits, green leafy veggies, and whole wheats in bulk around your major mills and you will find you will feel better and the quality of life boosted significantly!

Try to avoid dairy as well, if you cheat, make it once or twice a week and mark it on a calendar. Learn recipe ideas from the likes of YouTube or simply read them which doubles as a benefit to brain function (reading). Put as much attention to detail in this as you would anything worth obtaining. Learn the differences between the digestive system of a carnivore and herbivore. Learn the best times to eat vs when to refrain.

At the end of the day, understand, the purpose of food is to nurture the body. If that purpose is replaced with the “pleasure” of eating, you literally are giving your tongue permission to decide the fate of the rest of the body. I assure you, they would object! Do not be deceived!


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Mind Body Connection

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When it comes to working out, it is easy to lose motivation. Motivation, is the necessary fuel needed to maintain the discipline it takes to achieve one’s fitness goals. Many of us dream of wonderful outcomes, yet, dread the road that must be traveled to achieve said outcomes. This is why it is crucial to have a sound plan in place that not only incorporates progression for the body, but also one for the will.

Will in itself is very much like an unseen muscle that must exercised to build it. Just like weights, you start small, and then build with little promises that you honor rain, sleet, or snow, until finally the scale of the desire is of no consequence, thus, making anything achievable. To tackle the burden of working out, music is one of the greatest tools at one’s disposal. I take as much time constructing a playlist as I do the plans I create. The type of songs I listen to are high in energy, with a fast beat usually accompanied by some type of message that are motivating in nature. From personal struggles to the bigger picture, the world stage. I then relate that I need to be powerful enough to deal with life’s obstacles mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Thus, this creates a synergy in my mind that push’s my will to create the temple I seek, it’s my motivation! Another way to bond the mind with your body is a vision chart. This doesn’t have to be physical, but something that may only exists in one’s mind. For example. I envision that my working out will literally, make me bullet proof! There is a method to this madness I assure you. For, in my mind, there aren’t many things that compare to the pain and damage caused by a bullet. Therefore, I desire to create a body physically capable at having the best chance of surviving one or any anything, for that matter, so, the “work” that it takes to create one, the workout itself, vs my “fear”, is nothing in comparison and then becomes achievable! Then, there is the silent method.

Where you can focus on breathing and technique. You can really use this time to meditate while simultaneously building your temple. Most of us are constantly bombarded by noise and distractions, with little to no time for our own individual unique thoughts, they get drowned in the sea of other’s wills and we lose ourselves. This is an opportunity to knock out two birds with one stone.

Understand, you are not limited to one of these three methods. You can at anytime mix or switch them. Also, these aren’t the only methods to increase the mind body connection, this is just a summary of the the three I use the most.

The main important goal of this article is just to encourage you to focus on your mind and your will so then you can push yourself to new heights in building your temple, and that, requires attention to detail as well. Shalom.

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Movement is Medicine

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Did you know that working out help prevents the aging process? Studies have proven and shown that in addition to improving the quality of life, exercise also may extend one’s life! It’s simple really, movement is in fact, medicine! The body is a machine intended to be used, which requires the majority of one’s day to involve constant movement. This can sound exhausting to some, but when combined with a properly balanced diet, not only will your energy levels meet the demands of this constant motion, it too, will in addition, add to life expectancy and quality of life!

This will also decrease the aging process in terms of appearance. I will not in this article list all the evidence that proves this is a fact for most individuals, however, a quick Google search of the above will provide plenty of source material to serve as motivation for those who seek such knowledge to apply as wisdom! Of course, it should be noted, that I am not a doctor nor proclaim to be one, so, if you have a medical ailment or “dis-ease” of any sort, definitely seek consult as to what you can and cannot do while still trying to achieve your fitness goals. If you are extremely out of shape, something as simple as taking a daily walk, if able, and increasing distance by 1/4 every week or 2 weeks, would have extreme health benefits.

Not only would you be getting a great source of Vitamin D from the sunlight, you will burn off body fat and increase both muscle endurance and your wind for walking is an aerobic exercise! Once you build that up, add in addition long distance jogging days or suicide sprint days. I personally like to work out full body workouts 3 days out the week and have at minimum on my “off days” jogging or sprinting sessions, sometimes I alternate by the day or week which type but I always increase distance or reps weekly or bi-weekly. This isn’t the only method, some like to integrate this ON their workout days, as a warm up or cool down, and that is fine too! Point is, take a first step, metaphorically and physically. It begins with that.

Then, work your way up. Focus on form and technique. Speed and work load will automatically increase if CONSISTENCY remains by maintaining motivation and focus. Remember, the more time, effort, and energy put into this, the bigger the reward! If you want to look like an Olympic Athlete, you must train like one. 100% guaranteed to make you look as best as YOU can look. Just make sure all the resources are in place to allow you that conditioning and make it priority over everything else.

Remember, “form follows function”. Meaning, if you can achieve the function of lifting 1,000 lbs, then, a “form” that shows you can, is sure to follow! Adiel, signing off, till next time 🙂

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